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We work on mitigating conflict risk and advancing environmental peacebuilding and climate security.

About Us

We at the Goro Initiative, originally conceptualized as the Goro network in 2018 and operational since 2019, are dedicated to advancing peace, environmental conservation, and climate security in the Sahel-Saharan regions. In 2024, we transitioned from an online platform to a non-profit organization to better address these critical needs. We employ innovative strategies, including research, policy advocacy, and community-based projects, to promote sustainable peace and resilience. Our mission is to promote positive relationships between communities and their environment, reduce the risk of violence, and enhance sustainable development. 

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What We Do

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Our expert team produces evidence-based research to understand and address the intricate linkages between climate change, environmental degradation, and conflict.

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Policy Advocacy

We engage with policymakers to advocate for sustainable and inclusive policies that promote environmental conservation and climate security.

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We implement on-the-ground projects that enhance community resilience, promote peacebuilding, and encourage sustainable environmental practices.

To build a sustainable future, we must understand the past and present impact of our actions on the environment and communities.
Murtala Abdullahi
Adapted from DVED principles

Thematic Areas

Environmental Peacebuilding

Our Environmental Peacebuilding program addresses the intersection of natural resource management, conflict prevention, and recovery.

Climate Security

The Climate Security program undertakes projects and produces reports on the interplay between climate change and security

Digital Peacebuilding

Our Digital Peacebuilding program leverages digital technologies to promote and sustain peace in fragile communities.

Our Partners