Community Peace Initiative (CPI)


The Initiative works with local communities to create sustainable peace solutions through supporting local civil society and citizen activism. The Initiative aims to encourage the use of non-violent approaches such as storytelling and advocacy to communicate socioeconomic, environmental and political grievances. In addition to implementing projects to improve relationships between the local communities and security forces. The CPI advocates the implementation of non-kinetic efforts in communities to reduce the risk of violence.

Featured Project

Empowering Young Pastoralists

Pilot Project Location: Northwest Nigeria

Objective: Empower young pastoralists with new skills and knowledge to create sustainable livelihood options. This project aims to provide young pastoralists with platforms to change narratives, demand accountability, and support peacebuilding efforts.


Our Approach

Support Local Civil Society

We collaborate with local organizations and activists to strengthen their capacity to advocate for peace and address community issues effectively.

Encourage Non-Violent Communication

Through storytelling and advocacy, we help communities articulate their grievances and work towards peaceful resolutions.

Improve Community-Security Relations

By enhancing their understanding of online safety and the responsible use of digital tools, we help communities protect themselves from digital threats and misinformation.