Documenting Violence And Environmental Destruction (DVED)


Documenting Violence and Environment Destruction (DVED) is a digital forensic lab that collects, analyses and documents open-source information and satellite imagery on the destruction of communities and the environment — as a result of violence and criminal activities.


DVED was designed to support efforts to protect and restore communities and natural environments.

DVED Reports

Armed Banditry Is Wiping Out Communities, Displacing People

Armed banditry has caused the abandoning of communities and the destruction of homes and schools in Nigeria's northwest and central regions, according to satellite images analysed by the Documenting Violence

2 weeks ago

Our Impact

Supporting Communities

By documenting instances of violence and environmental destruction, we aim to raise awareness and mobilize resources to aid affected communities. Our data helps humanitarian organizations and local authorities in their efforts to provide relief and rebuild.

Protecting the Environment

Our work highlights the often-overlooked environmental consequences of violence and criminal activities. By bringing these issues to the forefront, we strive to promote environmental restoration and conservation initiatives.

Influencing Policy

The comprehensive data and analysis we provide serve as vital tools for policymakers. Our documentation helps shape policies that address the root causes of violence and environmental degradation, fostering long-term peace and sustainability.

Meet our team

At DVED, our team is composed of passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds, all united by a commitment to documenting and mitigating violence and environmental destruction.

Murtala Abdullahi

Murtala is the founder of Goro Initiative and curator of DVED. He is a researcher with a keen interest in security, environment and climate change.

Dr. Bilkisu Hadejia

Bilkisu holds a Doctorate in Strategy. She is a research and outreach associate at Surge Africa.

Mansir Muhammed

Mansir is a skilled OSINT researcher with expertise in conflict analysis, leveraging technology and geographic intelligence to provide in-depth insights and analysis.