Our Journey

Goro Initiative

Conceptualized in 2018 as the Goro network, it transitioned into operational status in 2019 under the name of Goro Initiative— an online platform to advance the understanding, action and dialogue on climate, conflict and humanitarian trends in the Sahel-Saharan regions. 

In 2024, the Goro Initiative rescoped and morphed into a non-profit organization working to advance peace, environmental conservation and climate security. This change resulted from the need to enhance the capacity of the organization to develop and implement important projects aimed at strengthening resilience. 

The Initiative adopts innovative strategies to facilitate peace and security through research, policy, advocacy and projects related to the environment, climate change and digital space. Our goals also include producing evidence-based research and collaborating with stakeholders to provide conditions for sustainable peace and environmental management. 

We understand that the pathway to peace, security and resilience is multidimensional which is why our programs are multilayered and tailored to support communities and work with civil society and government partners.

Years in Existence


We seek to influence actions and practices aimed at promoting sustainable peace, environmental conservation and climate security in vulnerable communities.


We work to promote peace, reduce the risk of violence and encourage positive relationships between communities and the environment.

Meet Our Team

Meet the dedicated professionals driving the Goro Initiative’s mission to advance peace, environmental conservation, and climate security in the Sahel-Saharan regions.

Murtala Abdullahi


Murtala Abdullahi is a researcher, journalist and analyst with a keen interest in climate change, peace and security. In 2023, Murtala received the Active Citizen Award from BudgIT, a prominent civic-tech organization promoting transparency, accountability, and service delivery in Nigeria.

Dr. Bilkisu Hadejia


Bilkisu Hadejia holds a Doctorate in Strategy. She is a research and outreach associate at Surge Africa. Bilkisu works on climate change resilience and policy development.

Mohammed Ibrahim Abba


Mohammed Ibrahim Abba is an environmentalist and academic. He is interested in global and local environmental trends induced by climate and how they affect food security and national security.

Fakhrriyyah Hashim Abdallah


Fakhrriyyah Hashim Abdallah is a social development and anti-gender-based violence advocate. She was a Fellow on the Peace, Security and Development Fellowship Programme for Early Career African Women at the African Leadership Centre.

Our Partners