About Goro Initiative (GI)

In recent years, various socio-economic issues have led to violent confrontations and a humanitarian crisis across Nigeria and the Sahel states.  Weak governance, underdevelopment, rapid population growth and the easy movement of arms across porous borders have led to an increase in activity by armed groups.  In addition, the region is suffering from environmental degradation and climate change related issues which are also responsible for fueling conflicts.

Goro initiative(GI) a climate, conflict and humanitarian thought based platform hopes to be the frontline information provider to drive awareness, understanding, dialogue, and action.

Through analysis research and leveraging on the knowledge, experience, and contribution of fellows and contributors to provide a better understanding of climate-related security risks, conflicts, social and humanitarian issues such as violence against women and girls, forced displacement and rebuilding -sustaining peace.

GI shall provide information on kinetic and non-kinetic military interventions and operations in Nigeria. The platform shall be primarily about the Sahel-Saharan region with an emphasis on  Nigeria, Lake Chad and Somalia.

We understand the importance of internet penetration, technology, smartphone proliferation and strategic communication in conflict prevention, narrative shaping, driving action, ensuring and sustaining peace. Our team of fellows and senior fellows from different disciplines, backgrounds and countries understand the importance of our work and are passionate about the long term goal of contributing to sustainable peace and development.


We seek to create an environment and platform for young people within the Sahel-Saharan region to participate in peacebuilding and shape the narrative around conflicts that affect us the most. We will guide decision makers and provide the platform for governments, development organizations and interested persons to source information.


• To provide better understanding and information on conflicts, conflict drivers, and peace efforts. • To educate and provide awareness on the need to prevent climate change related security risks to Nigeria and Sahel-Saharan states. • Prevention and Countering of Violent Extremism



Murtala Abdullah


Abdullahi Murtala is the founder of Goro Initiative and a researcher with the Conflict Studies and Analysis Project at The Global Initiative For Civil Stabilisation where he writes on Nigeria's military, local conflict and effects of climate change on national security. He is a defense and security independent consultant for strategic communication and public affairs company Gatefield.

Abdullahi has contributed to publications and think-tanks, most notably AlJazeera and theScoopng.  He has also participated in discussions on conflict and conflict drivers on Local Radio &TV (WeFm and AIT).  He tweets via @murtalaibin.

Fakriyyah Hashim


Fakriyyah Hashim is a development advocate, a campaigner against sexual and gender based violence  and the convener of #ArewaMeToo. She has been invited to provide insight on gender and developmental issues at local and international seminars and engagements and has contributed to discussions on development and sexual and gender based violence on local and international radio, TV and publications.
Twitter: @FakhuusHashim

Mohammad Ibrahim Abba


Mohammed Ibrahim Abba is an environmentalist with a passion for environmental issues as they affect the environment.
Twitter: @el_bonga

Jubril Ibrahim Abdulmu'min


Jibril Ibrahim Abdulmu'min is an environmental educationist and a  Research Assistant at the University of Abuja teaching hospital.
Twitter: @abduldboss1

Halima Ibrahim


Born in Somalia and raised in London, She studied business management and works in the insurance industry. She has a keen interest in East African politics particularly Somalia. In the near future she hopes to live, travel and do business in a safe and self-sufficient Africa. Twitter: @OriginalXalimo

 Hauwa'u Shehu Bala


 Hauwa'u Shehu Bala is an ICT4D master trainer, field researcher, humanitarian open-street mapper, cartographer and environmentalist.