Digital Peace Initiative (DPI)


The Initiatives harness the peacebuilding and conflict mitigation benefits associated with the increasing use of digital technologies and services. The DPI leverages new media and storytelling to create conditions for sustainable peace. It also supports journalists to investigate online disinformation and misinformation.

Key Initiative

Digital Peacebuilding Programs

Our programs are designed to integrate digital solutions into traditional peacebuilding efforts. We focus on:

  • Utilizing social media campaigns to promote peace messages.
  • Developing digital tools that support conflict resolution and community engagement.
  • Training local communities in digital literacy to empower them in preventing and mitigating conflicts.

Our Approach

Leveraging New Media and Storytelling

We use new media and storytelling to encourage conditions for sustainable peace. By sharing narratives and providing platforms for voices often unheard, we aim to bridge divides and promote understanding within and between communities.

Supporting Journalists

DPI supports journalists in their crucial role of investigating and exposing online disinformation and misinformation. In an age where false information can escalate conflicts, our efforts help ensure that accurate and truthful reporting prevails.